Content Media

09Apr 2017

If the glitz of the latest content market trends has convinced you that written content is dull or outdated, think again. Written content per se is not an element of business failure, but sloppiness, poor understanding of your target audience and the purpose this content serves are . At WriteIT, we take pride in developing written content that never fails to impress, engage, and compel to action. Our savvy writers know the elements that make or break a piece of written content. They channel their technical understanding and linguistic skills to develop messages that stick.

If you believe in the power inherent in the written word and want to charm your target audience, WriteIT will help you cast your spell.

09Apr 2017

As the majority of businesses seem to migrate to the greener pastures of graphical content, it becomes more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd. No worries! With WriteIT, your business can easily overcome this difficulty. Our persevering veterans have thoroughly scrutinized the market to design you graphical content that provides a showcase for your strengths and distinguishes you against a host of competitors. We offer you choices that will entertain and enthrall your audience and carve yourself a position of prominence.

Differentiate yourself using:

  • Static Infographics
  • Animated Infographics
  • Simulation Videos
  • Doodle Videos
09Apr 2017

Attraction at first sight—we can secure you that with the interactive content that we tailor to the nature and needs of both your business and customer segments.

Keep your audience attentive, engaged, and active. With interactive content, the audience practice free choice: to learn more, they have to do something—as simple as pressing a button, turning a virtual page, clicking a link…etc . As effortless as such actions are, they still signal to the audience that they are making a decision—willfully. At WriteIT, we develop attractive content that maximizes the likelihood of capturing the targeted attention.

Allow your audience a space to act, yet exert a subtle influence through:

  • Interactive Videos
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Interactive E-books