What is tone of voice?

The written voice tone is basically the personality of your brand, service or company. Establishing your own voice style applies to creating any content and communicating with your audience online. Using the right tone helps you connect with your audience and makes you distinctive among the noise of the marketing world.

Why does your company need a tone of voice?

  • A friendly attitude towards your audience can build a connection and gives you the chance to communicate and help them solve their problems.
  • Having a brand relationship with your audience helps in building the trust with them. This is an important step in the changing process from being suspects then prospects till being a loyal customer.
  • Brand recognition increases by 80% based on the used language and even the key colors of the design.

How to find the right tone of voice?

Step 1: Know your audience

At first, you have to research your audience properly to understand how to approach them. Discover their age, interests, education, job title and which gender that might be interested in your content. Take your time to know their likes, dislikes and how they communicate with each other. These information will help you adapt your content to their personalities.

Step 2: Define your values

You should know the values you will share with your audience, why is your company set up, what makes your products or services unique, and what can you offer to your customers.

Step 3: Revise your content and define the right tone

Revise your content and choose what type of words can and can’t be used with your tone of voice. You have to choose whether to use a formal or casual language and funny or serious.

Formal language makes you appear more authoritative but can also leave a cold impression to the readers. In contrast, casual language gives the reader some sort of friendliness that formal lacks but misusing the casual language can make readers think that you are unprofessional.

Humor can get more engagements with the audience, which allows you to be unique among your competitors. However, it might backfire at you as it sometimes leaves the impression of unprofessionalism. On the other hand, using a serious tone helps in building credibility and trust but it may lack in emotions and personality.


Your content is what you are trying to communicate but your voice of tone is what you are and how you communicate it. People love to feel that they are communicating with people not robots so make sure to keep it simple and use the right voice of tone with them.