The rise of social media has greatly increased brand outreach. But it also means that many businesses are constantly competing for consumers’ attention. For this reason, knowing how to stand out in the crowd is essential. Here is how you can use social media to connect with people and grow your brand organically.

Stay Concise!
While college essays are graded by word count, social media writing is different. Deliver your message quickly and effectively by using simple, catchy words. For example, why say ‘objectives’ when you can say ‘targets’? Why use the term ‘as a result’ when you can use the word ‘therefore’?

Know Your Audience
One of the most important aspects of social media writing is engaging with your audience. If you’re targeting students, for instance, pay attention to important dates, like summer vacation and exams, and write content tailored to those occasions.

Use the Right Tone
While it’s important to be creative when writing on social media, it’s more important to remember that you’re speaking on behalf of a company, not yourself. Ask about the company’s tone of voice, style and values before writing to help your client achieve their goals.

Stay Updated
Nothing turns off a reader more than outdated content. If you’re writing for a real estate company, for example, keep up with the latest updates in the market, such as taxes and competitors. That way, the reader will benefit from what you have to say.